Lochaber Lassies
Scottish Dance Demonstration Team
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Whilst we take the quality of our dancing seriously we like to show that Scottish dancing is FUN. This is usually just by showing how much we enjoy the dancing ourselves but we may also express this by
  • using different music. Scottish dance music is lively and enjoyable but sometimes an opportunity arises to use  music from other Genre. In the past we have used  - Teddy Bear's Picnic and Winnie the Pooh at a family friendly village fete; 'Do the Locomotion' for the dance S-Locomotion and 'Nellie the Elephant ' for the Elephant Stampede. (We weren't too much like a herd of elephants, we hope.) 
  • modifying our normal dresses. See our album for the lace additions used when we danced Nottingham Lace and Cape Town Wedding. We have also worn delicate wings for The Fairy Flag and hats for the Haunt of the Gnomes.